More and more applications have launched for entertainment and some of them are paid. If we talk about an android phone, google play does not have full versions of all of them. There is an alternative mart for the android users, Black Mart App.

We may have not have heard of it beforeas it has some disadvantages but now we are fully aware of it. This mart allows you to download any sort of application without any hurdles of signing up or giving your personal information.

This might not seem right and it would make you question yourself if this is legal or not?

BlackMart legal?

The answer to this is a clear no. BlackMart Apk does not belong to Google play. That is a full authority over android. They also enable you of using some of the software isfree, which should bring you to think that if google could not give to you without any subscription, then there is something funny about it.Other thanthat,it may include the chances of hacking, which allows the data protection and copyright laws to break and leak to others.

If it is not legal, is it even safe?

Obviously, it is a straight no, but to clear it to people who think to give it chance then here, BlackMart main service is to offer you all the applicationsfree even if they are not free on google store. By breaking the code for the protection and law this shows that, it may not help you or your data as there is no boundaries left to it. It can be hacked easily.

You are at your own if you choose to use it. You are allowing your phone to face obstacles by malware and viruses.

What does Black Mart offer that Google play does not?

  • This application is attractive mostly for the people who do not want to waste tons of money for a game or a movie.
  • While using Black Mart you do not have to register yourself to download the unlimited application they have in their store.
  • It is no rocket science to use this application; it is pretty simple and easy.
  • It offers you all the applications free, even if they are paid.
  • Other than that, it allows android users to download such things that are not available in the google store.
  • By clicking once you can download the app
  • Other than that, it allows it to update automatically when there is a new feature available.
  • It allows developers to upload their apps on this store; you can contact the support centre by writing to them for this purpose.
  • There are only complete applications offered here than the trial version.

Basic information about BlackMart app

  • Application Name: black_mart.apk
  • Size: 3,9Mb (4,040,507 bytes)
  • Uploaded 05/07/2015
  • Latest Version:

Technical prescription of Black Mart Alpha:

It can be accessed in all parts of the world, which is the best part about this application.

Other than that, the application has some operation like:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Is multilingual, the text can be changed in to any language
  • There are no few charges for downloading this application
  • Allows you to download things fast

How to download BlackMart?

Black Mart may not be downloaded directly by your phone; you will need to use a computer.

You will need to follow some steps to download this store:

  • Since this application is not found in the google store, you can need to download it through an unknown source on your device that is accessible from the Settings menu.
  • First, download the Black mart Alpha apk to your PC.
  • You will have to connect your device to your PC using a USB cable after the downloading is complete.
  • Then you need to copy the apk file to the SD card, which is inserted in your device.
  • After that go directly to the file on the device and tap to install.
  • When you have completed all of these steps, you can easily then browse BlackMart Alpha as if you do with the Google Play Store and find apps, games and more.
  • The only difference you may find in the application is the price is always listed as free, other than that, it might not as polished but it is an alternative.
  • This mart has its own negative points, unlike google play it will not show you if the app is compatible to your devices system. Even if it allows you to download it, you will not be able to use it. So read before installing anything.

There are applications that we need to alert ourselves. In order to have fun we do not realize that what we end up doing. Though what you do with your device is your business but be aware of the risks of using cracked apps or platforms like Blackmart Apk. Being not aware of  how things work in tech world we get ourselves in to trouble, no matter what we are using an illegal way to download thing for free. Not having to much knowledge about what is done with app, what code has been injected or what it will do to your device. So be careful out there, try paying for things than taking risk!


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