Geometry dash is a game which was developed in 2013, by a company called Robtop, so many people got attracted to it and it became aw worldwide success. Many versions of the game have also been upgraded and introduced to make it even more interesting.

Following are the interesting features of this game!

  • Music synced running and performance
  • On each level new icons and colours are available which help the player to customize his character
  • Some vehicles and equipment are also provided with each passing level, which can be used for escaping the hurdles and moving fast
  • If you are new and do not have any practise with geometry dash, it gives you a practise mode which you can use to sharpen your skills and improvise the accuracy
  • Geometry dash tests your patience and skills by providing tough challenges

How to install geometry dash through its website?

The starting versions of geometry dash were used to cost you 2 dollars for the install, but due to its immense popularity and demand, free version was made for android and iOS.  Each updated version can be download from Google play store or from Robtop website Geometry dash can be downloaded from there website by following these simple steps:

  • Open
  • On your android, go to the settings and enable downloading from unknown sources, if you do not allow this, several features of geometry dash may not be accessed and download can stop
  • After enabling the unknown sources, open APK download and allow the installation process to start
  • After sometime the installation will be completed and your game will be ready for playing on your android.

How to download it on your android?

Downloading geometry dash on android phones require geometry dash version apk to be downloaded on your phone first. Here are some points to remember while downloading it on your android:

  • The latest update and revised APK file from geometry dash should be downloaded first on your phone, search it and download it
  • To make it easy to run on our android it is necessary to remember what path you have given to the APK. It is preferred to make a folder in your phone with name APK and when downloading geometry apk, save it in that folder. That folder will save all your apk files even in the future.
  • Once apk files are downloaded, the install button will become evident on it, but before that open your phone’s settings and allow installation from known and unknown sources because the licence files cannot be downloaded without it.
  • After allowing unknown sources, open the downloaded apk file of geometry dash and start installing, follow the steps that it will show you, you may need to give permission to some things like allow storage use, location use etc.

How to play geometry dash?

Once the install is finished the game is all ready to be played. Once you open the app, the screen gives you many options to choose from, the display is very attractive that it catches everyone and tough enough to keep them engaged.

There are many types of game available, stereo madness, dry out, polar Geist, base after base, can’t let go and many more. The game has many types of displays that varies with the versions and types. The latest available version for geometry dash is android version 4.1.

Geometry dash tests your skills in real sense as you have to jump, fly and flip real quickly, because if you make a mistake or delay you are dead and game over. Although geometry dash is a tapping gaming but its levels are so very tough to keep you engaged for a long time to move to a next level. The characters can become customized according to the powers you avail while passing through different levels, the equipment you are provided with are coins to upgrade your level by using them, UFO’s to multiply your speed, vehicles to pass the hurdles with ease. The game becomes more and more interesting, tough and addictive as you start passing its levels. The dry out level shows you background of red and dry desert, while the jumper level tests your jumping ability. The geometric shaped characters make the game even more interesting.

Geometry dash’s catchy music.

One of the best features of this game is its music that gets synchronized with each passing level. The player feels that he is producing these sound effects because they move accordingly the player moves, but this is special ability of geometry dash to keep the players engaged both with the music and the visual effects. The colourful and bright display along with the playful music makes an interesting combination. There is an option given in the game called “newgrounds” which you can use for find new and interesting music of your choice.

Practice mode:

If the player is new to this game and does not know how to play it with accuracy, geometry dash has special feature of practise mode which can be used for getting a grip on all the levels. Once you install the game you are given the options if you want to continue with practise mode or the normal mode. Once the player gets used to with its speed and ups and downs he can switch to normal mode and start passing the levels.

Geometry dash lite:

The basic version which is provided to android is called geometric dash lite which has almost all other features except a few changes like it does not have a level editor which the player can use to customize the level he is playing, similarly in the lite version one cannot change the characters. To get the full version of geometry dash android users have to pay a nominal amount which is almost 2 dollars and after that the characters can be freed and user level and level editors start working.

Those who are interested in challenging and speedy yet addictive games should install geometry dash apk and it will prove to be a great time killer.


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