Google go was developed in the year 2017, December. The Google company itself made it; the go is the enhanced version of it and has a lot to deliver the users. People have been using it more than the original one because of the features it has.

Other than the Google Go, Google has taken other applications out for entertain, it is called the Go series. Now it took out a search engine just like itself but it is different in many ways.

The series has three developers involved in this project, Rob Pike, Robert Griesmer and Kevin Thompson in the year 2009 the progress had started.

Why Google was go developed?

According to Google believed that the web and computing have emerged a lot in past couple of years, but the language, which is associated with it, has not. They developed the Go because they felt that it could be a great language. Not only that but because it is a more efficient language and the language is being used in so many websites and applications.It is to bring new people on the internet, as the devices are different.

Is google Go available on play store?

The google go app is available on the play store but in it is not accessible in some countries. So for installing it they need thru APK file.

Feature of Google Go:

Google Go a lighter version of the original but it has different option to make people love it. It offers us:

App Size:

This matters a lot for all the devices, but the best part this app is that is weighs way less than the original one, around 3-4mbps


Being lighter, it is amazing! The speed is just unbelievable honestly. It gives you results faster than the original one.

Home Screen:

The home screen, instead of showing your personal feed it only focuses on the search. It has two types of feature on it in a different way.

Search bar: Unlike other apps, the google go has its search bar on the bottom of the page.

Websites and Apps: Other than the search bar, this website offers you a list of the popular websites and app on the home page so that you do not have to go through a lot of struggle of typing. All of them are categorized by their genre. Another point is that it some apps on list must be downloaded on your phone, the google app enables you to open the app and if not it goes to the website.

Image Search: In the list, the google go app has focused on the button specifically for image, where by clicking it will show you quotes for a good day or life. This was produced specially for India, as there is a trend for forward messages.

Other than that, it gives you an option to just tap the choice of quotes you want to see like good morning, good night and other meaningful things send to people for greeting them.

Enables you to see the trending search:

Google Go APKIn this feature, it allows you to see that what has been searched the most by tons of people rather than typing it down yourself.

You can just tap and see the information for the related trending topic.


We usually are able to share information through WhatsApp, Instagram and other social apps but here, we are able to share the search results too.

Above the page, there is a sign for share, by just pressing that you send your friends the page.

Switching languages in between:

Google app enables you search in either English or Hindi according to what you are comfortable with whatever option. You can also change the language between the search results.

Customize the background:

Go’s main motive is to make it your own app; it allows you to change the background of the app which the original one does not offer.

Just go to setting for it.

Why would one choose google go?

As said before that google go is the more enhanced version of the original application but the main reason is that it takes less data around 40%. It simpler and efficient and has many more things offered to you then the original application.

Google Go not available in…

Google go is blocked in China and Russia as they feel that it is not a proper search engine. People living their can use it through by downloading it through an Apk file.

How do you install the Google go Apk?

Like any other apk file, the procedure is the same to install it. You need to have an access to link that would provide you with the file, before that make sure you change the setting of your phone so that the unknown sources can downloaded. The file will offer the option install is and then you can use it simply.

Is it considered legal?

No it is not for the countries that you are in as they are against of it for somewhat reasons and you are dis obeying the laws and using it. This must be on your own risk by downloading the google go apk.

Google go is a better version of the original one as it allows you with so many features and service. It is like a customized application that is fun and easy to use. Other than it is free and does not take too much of the storage.


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