GTA V is one of the most popular game in this time. It was first only restricted to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is an adventurous game. This game has now launched on android, which makes it possible for you to play it whenever and wherever you want. It is no less than, it has good graphics.

This game has improved and many more features added to it. It is fun to play it as it easier on the phone. The game has a better mechanism that lets you shoot and drive better.

What is this game about?

There have not been any updates or changes if you have played it before. There are still three characters: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor that have to encounter situations that are full of action and comedy.

Another thing about GTA 5 that it has tons of side missions like street racing, hunting, and locating bail jumpers. Each of the characters are assigned for these missions. The other best part of this game is that it lets you live the lives of these three characters.

You are also able to play the game online, which is known as the GTA online. They enable you to create an avatar and live in Los Santos so by completing missions you can earn money, buy apartments, upgrade cars, and live the luxurious life. The game also offers you to compete with other players.

Now after the updates, it lets you record and edit real time footage; you get a huge amount of features that are manual recording, camera options, effects, and access to a selection of Grand Theft Auto V’s radio station music. You can even create your own film through this game..

Requirement to download this game:

Two of the things that need to be present before installing this app is the


The device has to have the 3.5 version to install this. This is an old version but it enables you to download it and but it may create things that would wonk up your phone. So to avoid this you should have a higher version than this.

SD Card:

Every game takes up a lot of space on your phone which may make the phone hang more than it does. For this game, you need at least3gb, so make sure you have a phone that has a lot of space other than the 3gb.

Features of the GTA 5 apk:

  • You have option to choose airplane and helicopters.
  • You can now plan how you want to go about the missions
  • Other than playing plotted games, you can go relax yourself by doing another activity.
  • It offers you to play a more realistic game than usual.
  • The game has a feature of multiplayer feature
  • You can switch character in between
  • You can go underwater now
  • Hunting is also an option now

How to download this game?

You might not find it on Google Play Store. Not to worry, the .apk files lets you download this game GTA 5 .apk directly without any cost.

  1. You can download the .apk file from the link
  2. Transfer the file to your memory card.
  3. Install an app installer from the App Store.
  4. The .apk file will be visible from the App Installer.
  5. Install GTA 5 onto your android.

GTA 5 has known to be one of the best games of the time. It first started being played by consoles, for PlayStation and PC but now people have found ways to bring it on the devices. Still is used, as largely as before by the youth, there are a few steps to take a bit more to get this on the android phone. Though everything else is the same only the some of the things are different as it is on a touch screen now.


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