Mine craft is a game about blocks that take you on an adventure. This game in recent years has become so popular among the youth, children and people all over the town. This game is just winning the hearts of the kids and they are eager to play it more.

It is oftener called the sand box because it enables you to make your own type of world using the available resources on the app.

The game is a multi platformer; it is available on smart phones, tablets, computer, PC and other devices. Day by day it becoming popular and is becoming available on the devices and sites people use more.

This game has become popular due to the reason not have the set of rules that enables people to play and create however, they want.

How is this game useful for some people?

According to some articles, it is written that people playing this game are helping them selves in order of, planning, creativity, problem solving and organising themselves.

People playing with their friends understand the teamwork, which would later help them in their lives.

People who less social are now able to communicate with people more with confidence.

How old do you have to be to play this game?

It is required to have a parental advice for children who are below 13. Which simply clears our mind that children above 13 can play this game. 

How to play this game?

This has no rules, as it is an open end game. The player decides himself how to play this game. You can play according many modes or add friends and make your own rules

There are two modes that are used, which are:

Mine Craft Pe APKThe creative mode that means to bring out the creativity in you. You are given unlimited resources that allow you to make what ever you like according to your imagination.

Survival Mode: It is like how you are; I mean to know your limits on how to survive. The app gives you the limited sources in which you have to survive by feeding your self and defending yourself. It also enables you to explore your life and others.

What is the MINECRAFT PE version?

This version was built for the mobile phones. It is very similar to one’s you play through the computer but the only problem is that different between both would lie due to the Java Edition as it is not included in it. The visuals are different and there are some exclusive items.

Why was it created?

It is for the people who do not have access to the PC or any Xbox that can play Mine Craft. On the other hand, the other reason to be introduced to other people who can enjoy the taste of the game.

There are a lot of difference between the two apps and it is because if the developer try to put everything in one place at once it may create the app to hang a lot and be disturbing. Other than, it can also fire up some devices, which is bad.

Feature of the Minecraft PE version:

  1. You can grow sugar canes through bone meal
  2. Other player can attack you even when the game is paused.
  3. To construct the paddles you need the wooden shovel.
  4. Brighter block’s
  5. Different texture of lava and water
  6. 3d animation added to the blocks
  7. Maps are much better
  8. Mob spawned can be changed in to eggs
  9. In addition, many other feature are added just for the pocket version of Minecraft.

The apk file version:

Mine Craft Pe APKThe Mine Craft PE apk file is available. However, it is piracy, which is a danger for your device. As they, can you use your data and sell it on to scammers for money. Before taking this lightly, please think before you use it as it puts you in danger, and you are breaking the law by stealing.

Other than that, it has the same features as the normal app has and people using it through this apk file is because they do not want to pay for the app and find it more convenient.

How to install the apk version?

First, make sure you have enabled installation from unknown sources and if not enabled it then follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the App drawer on your device.
  2. Go to the settings of the application.
  3. You would be given the option of security
  4. An option may be given to you for unknown sources, just enable it.
  5. The installation has been completed and the unknown sources has been enabled.

Step two the second work to do is to download the Mine Craft PE Apk file on your device; the download option will be given.

Step 3. Go to the file Manager on your phone where you would find the file, then download the Mine craft PE apk file.

Step 4. After the installation, a window might come up and you would have to give it permission, then after that tap next to go the install button.

You are able to play these games after the installation is done.

Mine Craft did not take long to become popular; the PE version was introduced to make it easier for people, not only new but the old ones. They can continue to play the game even when they are roaming. Specifically the only difference is that the feature are different but it a fun game enabling you to live your life like you want.


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