Minecraft is a game which keeps the players so indulged and addicted to it, it is based on sandbox, mining new things and creating own crafts by using the available material, the creative and challenge loving players mark this game as their biggest addiction. After becoming a huge success on PC systems, Mojang launched their master piece game on Xperia play, android and iOS in 2011. A lite demo edition was also launched in 2013 which had some minor differences than the other editions. Minecraft is compatible with all the devices as it has many versions which vary according to the specifications of the device. A version called 1.0.3 is available to play on all the windows phones including windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

How to download Minecraft pocket edition APK?

Minecraft was originally launched for PC, but is now available for downloading on all android and iOS devices for free. To download the Minecraft pocket edition:

  • Minecraft pocket edition game is free for lifetime and very easy to install.
  • You just need to download the file from official website of Mojang which is minecraftfreedownload.com.
  • Once the file is downloaded, allow the install if you are doing it on PC, and the game will be installed within no time.
  • If you are to download it on your mobile phone, you will have to allow the storage permission and also allow permission to location.
  • After the install is finished Mojang account needs to be created so that your progress is safe always, create an account on Mojang and you are ready to play and explore the Minecraft world.

How to play Minecraft?

Minecraft is basically a creative game which urges the players to be creative if they want to survive in it. This game uses 3D blocks to create a lot of thing which are necessary to survive in the world.  The characters in the game are also made up of 3D blocks which gives it a very interesting of idea that crafted things are crafting more things to survive. As this game is a great brain trainer too, children also enjoy creating stuff and playing with it. The multi-player game makes it even more interesting when you can play with your friends too, Minecraft provides you with a map of the routes, locations and the danger zones, you have to follow it and make your way through it.

The new pocket edition has a lot of new and interesting things in it, there are both the worlds in game either you want to play on dry land or underwater. The dangerous caves and creeks will make the player to give his best efforts. The characters can tame a wolf and keep him has their companion. There are many new kind of location in the Minecraft pocket edition includes swampy area, jungles, mines and many others. The display of the pocket edition game is even more attractive than the previous ones.

If you are a beginner on this game, it can become a bit chaotic for you because there are many dangers over there, the dark, the monsters and the unknown paths can lead you to a vulnerable situation of dying in there, but once you start the survival mode you can overcome these problems by using your will power of survival and your creativity about things. If you find yourself midway in the deep ocean, you will have to think about all the possible survival modes you can use either you should build a home or you should hide under the thick layer of trees. It all depends upon you. The player will feel as if he is actually in there trying to save himself from the monsters, Minecraft provides you with all the possible essentials which one can think of like coal, wood, stones, sticks etc. To start and use all the tools in right way, Minecraft website gives you tutorials which are of great help.

Some useful tips:

  • Minecraft is a bit complex platform which immense thought process in finding out the ways to new things, but the tutorials that are available on minecraft’s official website gives you some great ways and tips to be more efficient and creative. If the player has to break a pillar underwater to get the material for building something, he should just try to break the bottom most block o the pillar instead of wasting time on breaking it from the top, once the bottom block is displaced all the above lying blocks will be separated to as the world of Minecraft is 3D and everything is made up of 3D structures.
  • Similarly once you start getting used to with this game any things become easier to understand and act upon. You should must know the directions because it will help you to find the sunlight, the dark in Minecraft wold makes survival more difficult.
  • There is an option in the game called peaceful mode which helps you to regain your energy if you are too much exhausted in building your castle o cruising on the ship for a very long time.
  • Many players end up deleting their wold if they lose their precious items such as armours o shields, but Minecraft allows you to get back your lost items once you are trained to use all the options available, so you should not delete you castle, yacht or the basecamp which you made with so much creativity and hard work.
  • In pocket edition version you can tame the wolves as you pets and use them as companions if you are fighting a danger. It is very easy to tame them once you unlock them.

So if you are interested in challenging and creative games Minecraft APK is one of the best options available. You can play on Xbox, Xperia, android devices and PC. Turn the multiplayer option on and begin the limitless fun of playing Minecraft pocket edition with your friends and rivals. You can also connect with unknown people through Mojang’s website and start competing against them.


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