The ever-evolving technological advancements in android phones have shaped our lives in such a way that it is hard to move on without them further. Every other smartphone model comes with a variety of apps and makes our lives further dependent on it.While nearly every aspect of our lives has been revolutionized with the latest technology,the mish-mash of apps available on Android phones hasaltered our mods of entertainment exponentially.  For example, out of boredom, our first instinct is to take our smartphone out and start playing our favorite game, initiate chat with friends, listen to music, read some books,updateourselves with latest news bites and so on so forth. In short, Android progresses a tad bit every year but apps remain most important to date.

What Is Mobdro Apk All About?

Mobdro is a widely popular streaming app for mobile platforms, e.g. androids and iPhones.This apps basically provides a wide selection of TV shows, stream movies, documentaries, sports events and channels broadcast on smartphones sans any subscription.

Not just that, the Mobdro app also finds trending music and classify them into genres,discover top charts of youtube and access all data according to their authors, date and time.

Features  of Mobdro Apk Online Streaming App:

Currently, the MobdroApk app is considered to be the finest applications for bringing entertainment into hand-held devices.So if you are movie buff and want to access a variety of movies with just one click,  just download Mobdro Apk and you are good to go.Down below are an array of features explained that will surely make you want to switch to Mobdro app as soon as possible.

  1. Mobdro Apk Is A Free App:

One of the most well-likedfeatures by the users is that the Mobdro Apk app is free of cost. MObdro download and installation is done without any charges incurred.  Unlike other streaming apps, the Mobdro app facilitates you to stream and watch online TV shows, movies or videos without paying any subscription fee whatsoever.

  1. It Is a User-Friendly App:

A large number of smartphone users can access Mobdro app as not only the app is attractive,it is quite easy to use.   The convenient interface of the app will provideyou with rare chances to seek guidance on how to use the service.

  1. Bookmark your favorite Show:

With the assistance of this prodigious app, the user can bookmark their favorite episode, and channels to get latest updates and notifications on the same.This will help you in surfing your personal library to watch yourfavorite videos afterward.

  1. The App Supports Offline Mode:

The feature that gave this app an added value is how it allows media files to be kept while in offline mode. That means once you have downloaded your favorite video, you can watch it even sans any internet connection. Lets all bow down to the developers who worked on file and data compression techniquesto finally give us this useful app.

  1. Lets You Search Via Filter Option:

The Mobdro Apk app comes with one of the most powerful search tools because it permits users to search through a wide selection of media with just a few words. The efficient search tool automatically improves search experience withthehelp ofautocomplete feature.Also, you can filter search according to the categories and quality which will refineand make searchinga experience quicker.

  1. Other Features:

  • The app comes with Sleep timer option to avoid battery drainage if you mistakenly fall asleep.
  • Offers Video and movie sharing feature
  • The Mobdro app notifies the user of newly posted episodes
  • Mobdro premium version offersrest clock, include free and other usable components as well.
  • The app supports HD quality pictures and movie viewing and also support ChromeCast
  • The user can access updates available on the server and regularly check it.
  • Allows streaming of a wideselection of exclusive media content in different languages and regions.

How to Download Mobdro Apk On Android Phones?

The Mobdro Apk Download is a very easy-to-do process. This is considered to be the leading App for entertainment-related purposes for the sole reason that it can be very conveniently installedfrom their website.The app is developed for watching free movies online using Android smartphone and iOS devices.

Since Mobdro Apk is a third party app, the only roadblock that users will face is that they need to allow apps installation from third-party sources or Android device might block the installation.

Pre-Requisites To Download Mobdro Apk App:

Before you get down to downloading, there are few requirements that one needs to fulfill before going ahead.  Below pointers are few of the pre-requisites for Mobdro Apk download:

  • Android device must be Android 4.2+ or above
  • RAM greater or equal to 1GB
  • Permits space on disk to be around  or  be greater than 150MB

Step By Step Method Of Downloading:

To Download Mobdro Apk file, just follow the below-given steps from its official website.

  1. The first and foremost step is to enable the download option from unknown sources. It’s a simple step procedure
  • Settings
  • Security
  • Unknown Sources
  1. Now download the Mobdro Apk file from its official websites.
  2. After completing the download process, The app will start the installation process.
  3. Select and choose the relevant option on the screen of your device, and do click on the next.
  4. If you want additional features, upgrade it to the premiumversion.
  5. By the time of installation is completed you will observe a notification of app installed.
  6. Once you are done withthe installation, make sure to switch off or disable the unknown sources.
  7. Now open the app and enjoy all kind of TV shows and sports using Mobdro on your handhelddevice.

Pros And Cons Of Mobdro Apk App:


  • The app is practically free of cost
  • Each updated version comes with additional useful features
  • The interface is gorgeous
  • The installation is fuss-free
  • A wide variety of entertainment content


  • The abundance of ads keeps popping up
  • Chromecast compatibility is only offered in the premium version
  • Sometimes, the apps give the impression of third-party Youtube client because it does not offer its own content.
  • It’s not available on google playstore or apple store
  • Technically its illegal
  • It’s not a secure app
  • No customer service available on the websiteif the user is dealing with any technical glitches.


With its ever-evolving outlook, the Mobdro Apk app does not disappoint with monotonous features and keeps on surprising its user with newer updates. Now its completely possible for entertainment goers to enjoy they favorite shows,movies,andchannels just by accessing their handheld devices,all thanks to Mobdro Apk App.


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