It all started in the 90’s. When the first basket ball game was developed and realised in 1999. The game matches the sport of the basketball, more over the NBA. It is a set of series that were published by Sega at first but now are produced by 2k Sports. There are eighteen main installments and many spin offs. They have achieved a lot of success. Today we would talk the NBA 2k17

What is NBA 2k17?

Talking about the recent one, 2k17. Well not recent, it was published on September 2016.  This series has improved but not too much. It has an option to My Career at early stage. The player you choose can do many things on their off days, like make friends with other player and do training and to sign deals.

Another thing that they have improved is the visuals, it looks good and has new animations and the stadium looks decent. Other than that, many controls are added for the touch screen, by tapping or sliding for controls. It is pretty much worth the investment.

The purpose of this game?

The developer decided to make this game in order to let the basketball fans have fun. They could polish their skills through playing this game online. This is for the specific people who did not peruse there dreams for a reason but can through a video game.

Is it available on Google play?

The point here is that the game was nowhere on the google play in the initial days which was sad for the users. Although, they found another option to play this games download it through the .apk file. Still people avoid using google play to download it as it charges a dollar or so.

How does the NBA 2k17 work on .apk?

NBA 2k17 APKThe apk version allows the android user to create their own character by using a built in template. You can choose the nose and lip structure. You can easily learn how to shoot, block and steal, etc. through tutorials. It is rich in presentation, is the best for mobile, and is simple to use as it has several modes to help this game with wide appeal. Moreover is an all round experience but quite addictive.

Main Features of this game:

  • Play with new Historic players
  • Expanded Euro League with new teams added
  • Team Uniforms
  • Earn more Virtual Currency
  • The My Career mode gives you an off-day simulator.
  • There is a MY player equipment and attribute options
  • Upgraded badge system
  • Physical controller support
  • Takes the game to a new height
  • Stellar Visuals
  • Total revamped Game play
  • 50 licenced songs
  • Unique dribbling

How to play as the best?

There are some few tips and tricks to play well by easily following them:

  1. Use the most eligible defender for defence.
  2. Use the button L1 (Lb button) and press the right stick to run plays.
  3. Press Circle (B) for the bounce pass
  4. Press Circle (B) twice quickly For a flashy pass
  5. For the standard chest pass press X (A on the Xbox)
  6. For an overhead pass press Triangle (Y)
  7. For “give and go” hold X (A) button after your movement, release X (A) button for quick pass
  8. Triangle (Y) press twice quickly for an alley hoop pass
  9. Press L1 to call for roll.
  10. Press L1 after calling for an early fade.
  11. Use R1 to switch between roll and fade.
  12. After roll, trick your opponents by acting as you are going for a shot, drive for a layup or pass it.
  13. If you cannot handle then go back and try another one or even with another player in defense.
  14. If you try for a roll, your teammates go for the basket after the screen.
  15. When it comes to shooting, the perfect shot release is important.

The requirement to download it:

For an android phone, you might need a few things that are

  • Version above 4.3
  • API level 15
  • 4 Gb
  • Needs 6Gb while downloading
  • In addition, you need to see if it compatible on your device.

Support these android versions:

  • Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1)
  • KitKat (4.4–4.4.4)
  • Lollipop (5.0–5.1.1)
  • Android Marshmallow

How do we come to know if the app is compatible?

If the app has been launched on Google Play you can easily figure it out.

Make sure to be signed in, so that it can work. Under the price tag, there will be a note either saying

It is compatible with some of your devices (that means you can download it)

Other one would be saying it incompatible for your device (which means you cannot). Many avoid this but google does not let them download it. 

Instructions to Install

NBA 2k17 APK

  • To install this you to turn off the Wi-Fi or Mobile Data or both. You can enable them later after game has started working fine.
  • Install the Apk file first
  • Then extract the file OBB Zip file
  • Copy the folder name com.t2ksports.nba2k17android
  • Paste on the folder android/Obb
  • Open the app, and run the game.

NBA 2k17 is one of the latest version that have brought the game up for the visuals, many are able to play it legally but the ones who could not chose this way to go to enjoy or they just did wanted to. Other than that, this game really brings the skills out of a person. The versions that have come out after this are more advanced and fun.


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